You can also find her all over town, playing music both solo and as The Soulful Sidekicks
Manager of Fur-ever & Fin-n-Feather
20 yrs. +

30 yrs +
 Fish/Reptile specialist and his own aquarium maintenance business on the side.
Fish Specialist
Back for round 2!

Rodent Specialist
1 year

Reptile Department
3 yrs


Fur-ever Groomer with 8 yrs. of experience
Fish/Exotic Animal Specialist
3 yrs

Fish Specialist/Supervisor
5 yrs

Fish Specialist
Welcome Aboard!

Fish Specialist
3 yrs

Customer Service
Fin-n-Feather and Fur-ever

Customer Service
6 yrs

Bird Specialist/Warehouse Supervisor
16 yrs

Bird Specialist/Merchandising Supervisor
17 yrs

Bird and Small Animal Specialist/Floor Supervisor
6 yrs